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Get involved in a long tradition of Oilers helping Oilers change the world.

More Meaningful Lives,
More Productive Careers

Students have a vast number of choices when it comes to deciding where they go to college. Our students select the University of Findlay for a wide variety of reasons, but at the core of that choice is a simple, shared motivation. An education here opens wide the doors to a meaningful life and productive career. Together, we can help them reach their full potential.

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Get Involved

Oiler Nation of Gratitude

Experience how Oilers past and present are making an impact both here and beyond campus. 


Let the World Know How UF Shaped Your Future

Share your story and let the world know how the University of Findlay and the opportunities found around every corner in our community have impacted your life, your work, and your legacy. 

Ways to Get Involved

Within the UF community, we each have unique abilities, knowledge, and experiences our students can benefit from. Learn more about adding value to our students’ lives in ways that resonate with who you and are what you can contribute to the educational experience at Findlay.





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Career and Internship Placement

Our students are shaped by what happens inside the classroom, but their lives are transformed when they can apply what they’ve learned through experiential learning and real-world experiences. Providing internship and career placement opportunities is a powerful way for alumni, corporate partners, and community leaders to give UF students the opportunity to create a future that benefits us all. Click below to learn how you can get involved.

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Corporate Engagement

Beautiful things happen when we work together. Partnering with the University of Findlay’s Office of Corporate Engagement can help you increase visibility, find opportunities for your research interests, identify well-qualified applicants for your business, and connect you with executive training and education.

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Giving Societies

Honoring our donors sets the stage for extending our shared mission and creating new connections in the lives of even more students. Learn more about our Giving Societies and how you can make an impact on the future of the University, our communities, and beyond.

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Service and Community Engagement

Freshman students at UF are introduced to local community service on their very first weekend! From then on, Oilers can be found volunteering and making a difference at many non-profit organizations and charities throughout the region. Join us in our commitment to making Findlay a better place to live, work, and thrive. 

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Serve on an Advisory Board

Your experience is one of the most valuable resources you have to offer. Learn more about leveraging your expertise to help us impact the lives of students, further our mission, and create new opportunities for growth at every level of our community.

A Passion for Orange and Black


Oiler friends and alumni are eager to share their passion for UF. Their love for students, for faculty, for campus memories, for athletics, for long-held values, and for so much more at UF can take shape in many ways. Let them tell you why they give….

I believe in our students!
UF gave so much to me!
the World needs more OILERS!
The World gets better one successful student at a time
I've been blessed.
it enriches the lives of young people
UF is the start of a student's journey to a meaningful life!
I want every student to be inspired and succeed in life!
UF is making a difference!
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Together we will

Campaign for the Future of the University of Findlay