Shaping Our Future, Together

How the generosity of a few can forge new paths for many

To Lead and Serve

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Whether we recognize it or not, our students engage in a collective act of astounding courage every day. They take their careers, their futures, and even their capacity to lead meaningful, successful lives and entrust it all to The University of Findlay.

In light of their trust, there is only one response: to lead and to serve as we fulfill our promise to help our students reach their full potential through affordability and a continuing commitment to enhancing their total student experience.  

But to reach these goals for this and future generations of Oilers, to guide them through their development as the servant-leaders of tomorrow, and set them up for success in every part of their lives, it takes a community dedicated to serving their interests. It takes great leadership from generous individuals. It takes you.

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Get Involved

Donor Impact Stories

The stories of our time at Findlay reveal the true power of how others have impacted who we are and what is possible. These experiences also show how our shared values come together in our daily lives to help transform the lives of others. Here are some of the stories of Findlay leaders whose life and work continue to impact their communities, their industries, and our students, both present and potential.

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Student Stories

A Brighter Future, Now

Our stories connect us in ways nothing else can. They shed light on our shared past and show the true power of what we can only accomplish together. In these stories from Findlay students, you’ll hear echoes of your own journey and gain a clearer vision of what can happen when generous supporters join together to create the foundation for a brilliant tomorrow.

Impact Report

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What if an investment of any size today could pay dividends far beyond what any of us could predict? For Findlay students, under the University’s careful and targeted stewardship, their potential is unlimited. Every gift given towards creating affordability for students and enhancing their total educational experience through experiential learning opportunities is an investment in their ability to transform communities and change the world. 

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Do Your Part

The future success of our students depends on members of our community stepping up to lead and serve through gifts that create the opportunities they need to thrive. Our commitment to stewardship means that every gift given to The University of Findlay directly impacts the lives and futures of our students. Individually, we can make a difference. Together, We Will change the world.

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Together we will

Campaign for the Future of the University of Findlay