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Discover the power of partnership at the University of Findlay. Our exceptional students and accomplished alumni make a meaningful impact on the world. Through corporate engagement, we offer companies, both local and global, the opportunity to engage current and former students with the tools, resources, and invaluable opportunities they need to drive transformative change, today and into the future. 

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Business Partnerships

UF has a long history of successful partnerships with corporations and nonprofit organizations, building bridges that advance innovation, support student success, and drive social and economic impact in the community.
Businesses can work with our faculty and staff to accelerate recruiting efforts, mentor students on their career journeys, partner in the community and collaborate on research.
The UF College of Business already has formed special partnerships with seven local companies, including two Fortune 500 companies.  Students benefit from internships, mentors, and secure strong jobs after graduation, while the companies gain access to top talent and secure a role on campus.  
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Business Affiliates Scholarship Program

Partner with the University’s Business Affiliates Scholarship Program to Help Prepare Future Community Leaders

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The University of Findlay has been an integral part of the region since 1882, educating generations of Hancock County residents. Business leaders are invited to join our Business Affiliates Scholarship program, providing critical financial support to students attending our university. These scholarships are specifically awarded to students who graduated from a Hancock County high school or are currently employed by a Hancock County business. By participating in this program, you forge a strong bond between students and the community, increasing the likelihood of retaining talented young professionals in the area after graduation.

Executive Education and Training

Applying the Skills, Knowledge and Hunger For Lifelong Learning Beyond the Classroom

In today’s rapidly evolving global workforce, the need for lifelong education has never been more crucial. By enrolling executives and employees in our continuing education programs, companies can ensure they stay competitive by equipping their professionals with the knowledge to stay at the forefront of their industries. Remain ahead of the curve and invest in the ongoing growth and success of your workforce through our tailored educational offerings.

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Designed to equip students with critical thinking and operations management skills, our Master of Business Administration program is available both 100 percent online or in a traditional classroom setting.  With eight-week classes and a number of focused tracks, the program is tailor-made for working adults.

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Created for working adults who have at least 61 transferable semester hours, this program makes it possible to complete your degree without sacrificing work and life responsibilities. You can complete degrees in business management, health care management, environmental​​ safety and​ health, and emergency operations.

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Master the art of communication and gain the skills you need to go further in your career through the University of Findlay’s Online Master of Arts in Professional Communication Program (MAPC). Designed for working professionals and those who recently completed a bachelor’s degree, the MAPC is a two-year graduate program that prepares students for advancement in a variety of careers where communication is vital.

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Designed to equip students with critical thinking and operations management skills, our Master of Business Administration program is available both 100 percent online or in a traditional classroom setting.  With eight-week classes and a number of focused tracks, the program is tailor-made for working adults.

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As you know, success as an educator is dependent on continuing professional development. We offer workshops, graduate degrees, endorsements, license options, and more, many of which can be conveniently completed online or in-person over the summer.

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Let Us Help You Throw a Great Event

Discover the perfect venue for your next social or business event at the University of Findlay. Whether you require the spacious Alumni Memorial Union Multipurpose Room accommodating up to 700 guests, or smaller conference facilities and classrooms, we have the ideal space to meet your needs. From business meetings and conferences to bridal showers, receptions, and more, consider UF as your go-to destination. 


Our athletic facilities are also available for reservation by school and community sports teams and camps. Enjoy the convenience of on-site catering services, offering a range of options from beverages to full lunch and dinner menus.


Endly Room

Located in the AMU, the Endly Room is perfect for showers, parties, small lunches, or meetings. 

Capacity: 120 theater seating, 60-80 banquet​​

​Multipurpose Room

The AMU’s Multipurpose Room is perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, and large meetings. 

Capacity: 450 theater seating, 240-400 banquet

​Slough Conference Room​

Conveniently located in the Alumni Memorial Union, the Slough Conference Room is used as a meeting room only. 

Capacity: conference seating for 18

Terry Conference Room

​​The AMU’s Terry Conference Room can be used for your next meeting.

Capacity: conference seating for 18

The Lape Great Hall

Located in the Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion, the Lape Great Hall is perfect for open houses and receptions. 

Capacity: 100 theater seating, 108 banquet

Malcolm Family Dining Room

Housed in the beautiful Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion, the Malcolm Dining Room is perfect for showers and small parties.

Capacity: 66 banquet

​Rosewood Room

Located in Henderson Dining Hall, the Rosewood Room is perfect for meetings or small luncheons.  

Capacity: 36  


Shafer 104

​​Located in Shafer Library, Shafer 104 is used as a meeting room only.

Capacity: conference seating for 18

The TLB Auditorium

​Located in the Winebrenner building, it is perfect for concerts, receptions, banquets or larger meetings. 

Capacity: 600 lower level, 150 balcony;  Round table seating: 240.


​Winebrenner 254

​Housed in the Winebrenner building, it is perfect for meetings, luncheons or small meetings. 

Capacity: 64 banquet​.

General Purpose Classrooms can accommodate a range of 20 to 48 individuals. 


Lecture Halls*

BCHS 100 (Brewer Center for Health Sciences)

Brewer Martin

Davis 102 

Davis 2225

Frost Malcolm

GFAP Pfeiffer (Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion)

Winebrenner 154


Computer Labs*

BCHS 107 (Brewer Center for Health Sciences)

Egner 006

GFAP 110 (Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion)

Main 215

Main 309


*Limited Availability

Students studying in a large room

Knowledge Transfer

Leaders in Thought and Industry

At the University of Findlay, we believe true transformation only happens through collaboration. 

By partnering with us, you can engage in research and case studies that not only benefit your organization but also contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the development of the next generation of thought leaders.

We welcome guest presentations, lectures, and company tours, offering a platform for showcasing your organization while imparting valuable educational insights to our students. This exchange nurtures a vibrant learning environment that connects today’s ideas with tomorrow’s change-makers.

We also recognize the importance of advisory board memberships for both corporate and industry professionals, as well as for the University of Findlay. Your invaluable guidance and expertise through these advisory committees and boards keep our academic and outreach programs current and relevant in today’s ever-evolving world. 

Let’s change the world together.

Engaging Students

Award Nomination Process

Meaningful connections between organizations and Findlay students benefit everyone involved as they prepare, through real-world experiences and connections, to thrive after graduation.  

By connecting with our students, you can offer:

  • Internships: Provide students with valuable work experience and mentorship opportunities, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings.
  • Full-time employment: Discover exceptional talent and recruit our graduates, who are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to contribute to your organization’s success.
  • Service learning opportunities: Collaborate with students on community service projects that make a positive impact while facilitating their personal and professional growth.
  • Mentoring and leadership opportunities: Share your expertise and guide students in their career development journey, nurturing the next generation of leaders.

To ensure the best possible match between students, alumni, and employers, the Center for Career and Professional Development serves as a dedicated liaison.

 Join us in empowering the next generation of leaders and make a lasting impact on their professional journey.

Together we will

Campaign for the Future of the University of Findlay