Oilers Forever

Individually, our lives make the world a better place. Together, we will change the future. Your experience here has shaped our shared legacy and your impact is still felt as we use our strength to build everything that comes next. “Oilers Forever” isn’t a tagline. It’s a promise that we continue to keep, together.

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Alumni Stories

Findlay Strong, Worldwide

What happens here doesn’t stay here. It gains strength, builds momentum, and changes the world. Experience the stories that define who we are, what we’ve done, and what we’re doing to carry our shared mission forward.

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Stay In Touch

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Each step in your own journey has the power to transform someone else’s life. That’s why we stay connected as a community committed to creating opportunities for this and future generations of Findlay students. Stay in the loop and ensure your information is up to date, simply and easily, by clicking the button below.

A Passion for Orange and Black


Oiler friends and alumni are eager to share their passion for UF. Their love for students, for faculty, for campus memories, for athletics, for long-held values, and for so much more at UF can take shape in many ways. Let them tell you why they give….

I believe in our students!
UF gave so much to me!
the World needs more OILERS!
The World gets better one successful student at a time
I've been blessed.
it enriches the lives of young people
UF is the start of a student's journey to a meaningful life!
I want every student to be inspired and succeed in life!
UF is making a difference!
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Recommend a Future Oiler

You know it when you see it: potential. Help us change the world, one generation of students at a time. We’ve made it quick and easy to recommend a Future Oiler. Just click the button below and fill out a simple form.

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Alumni Benefits

We are part of an educational community committed to investing in student success in ways that go well beyond the classroom. Learn more about career service opportunities below.


A Brighter Future, Now

Every gift matters. Every donation creates a lasting impact. In the same way that your success started with a simple gift, now you have the chance to pay it forward by giving back.

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Alumni Association

Oilers Forever

Every day, friends and fellow alumni who share your passion for preparing students for meaningful lives and productive careers do their part to reinvest in creating student opportunities. Learn more about how our alumni association creates new opportunities for you to stay connected with–and find fresh inspiration through–the University of Findlay. Thank you for your generous support!

Alumni Nominations

Spotlighting Those Who are Leading the Way for Current and Future Oilers

As a university, we are measured by the success of those who entrust their education to us. So, when we are able to celebrate the success of those who have taken what they’ve learned here and dedicated their lives to making an impact in the world, we do it loudly and proudly. And you’re invited to be involved in the process!

Award Nomination Process

Any interested person may submit a nomination for a University of Findlay Alumni Award.

To nominate a UF alumna or alumnus, simply fill out the nomination form below and include the following additional information where requested:

  • Completed nomination form by nominator (link below)
  • Supporting information
  • Resume or professional vita
  • Articles by or about the nominee​
  • Letter of reference
  • Any additional supporting nomination documents

General Criteria

Current members and families of the Alumni Board of Governors are ineligible. Current faculty and staff of the University of Findlay are also ineligible. Award nominations are reviewed by the Recognition Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Governors. Award nominations will be carried over for three years, if not selected the first year of nomination consideration or until relevant age limitation is reached. Recipients are expected to return to campus to attend the awards ceremony at which they are being honored. All nomination forms and materials submitted will be provided to the Recognition Committee of the Alumni Board of Governors.

Nominations are now closed for awards to be presented at Homecoming 2023.
Watch for the next round of nominations in 2024!

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Distinguished Alumni Award

The Old Main Award

The Gold Medallion Award

The Arch Award

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Distinguished Alumni Award

This award shall be presented to members of the Alumni Association who, by their personal example, have exhibited the highest standards of individual achievement in professional and/or personal endeavors; who have demonstrated loyalty and support of this institution and who, through dedicated service, have contributed to the advancement of all humanity. No candidate shall be considered eligible for the award prior to the completion of 10 years status as an alumnus/a of this institution. 

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The Old Main Award

This award shall be presented to UF alumni who have demonstrated distinctive achievements in a chosen career, civic involvement and/or service to the University of Findlay and have not reached the age of 36. The recipients of this award shall still be eligible to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award at a later time.

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The Gold Medallion Award

This award is presented posthumously to deceased alumni who had superb records of distinguished career accomplishments and had made outstanding contributions to their profession, to the University of Findlay and/or to their community but have not been appropriately recognized by the University prior to their death.

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The Arch Award

This award shall be presented to a member of the University of Findlay community who, by personal example, has demonstrated loyalty and support of this institution. The recipient of this award must have a total of 1​5 years of service to the University and must not hold a degree from the institution.

Together we will

Campaign for the Future of the University of Findlay